Since the company's early days, we have provided our customers with a storage and warehousing service. As well as renting storage space we can provide transport, loading and unloading, inventory services, product and delivery checking services etc.

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Storage Spaces Available:

Warehouse A

  • 1000 m² storage space
  • Useable height 5.0 metres
  • Unheated
  • Door height 4.2 metres

Warehouse B

  • 4620 m² storage space
  • Useable height 7.5 metres
  • Unheated, partly open storage
  • Loading bay
  • Doorway height 4.8 metres

Warehouse C

  • 1460 m² storage space
  • Useable height 7.5 metres
  • Insulated, but not heated space
  • Doorway height 4.5 metres

In addition, we have a number of different sized, covered outdoor storage areas on site.

We have three 1.8 tonne fork-lift trucks, a 3 tonne fork-lift truck and a large wheel loader. The wheel loader is equipped with a number of different fork attachments, a paper roll clamp, buckets and various types of snow apparatus.

We rent storage spaces to both business and private customers, either as complete spaces or on by the m2.

Anything can be stored, from a cuckoo clock to a tractor, from a roll of paper to a sail boat.

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