We could list the vast range of different sized pallets we manufacture and keep in stock, ready for our customers. But why do that, when each customer's needs are different? A pallet made for stone and brick products isn't suitable for food products, nor is a pallet made for rolls of paper suitable for bricks. We don't have standard products; we only have CUSTOMER-TAILORED pallets and products! Many companies also speak of disposable or expendable pallets, a concept now lost on us. Our pallets are durable and can be reused time and time again, until at the end of their working life they become bio-energy fuel; after all, every one of our pallets is made from ecological wood.

Our production lines can produce pallets and lids anywhere from 400mm up to 2500mm. Adjustable to the exact size you require; precise, to the millimetre. If your pallet requirement does not fall into the above range, hand nailing is always possible. Not the most cost-effective solution, but possible.

Tell us what kind of pallet you need, or we can go through the possibilities together. We need to know the weight and shape of the goods being carried (sack, roll, cardboard box etc.), and how the pallet will be transported. We also need to know whether you want us to use freshly cut or dried timber, whether the pallets need to be stamped with ISPM approval (heat-treated wood), and whether you want your company name or logo printed on the pallets.

How the pallets or lids will be stacked is also important to know (into each other to save space, or stacked ready for use), as well as their maximum stacking height.

We can also supply pallet collars and wooden transport crates.

More information about the ISPM 15 standard can be found via the LINKS page. Pallet examples and tips can be found under the pictures below; click on the pictures to enlarge them.

On top, a mini pallet - 400x500mm.

Under it, a retail pallet - 600x800mm.

On top, a customer-specific pallet featuring stringer boards and bottom deck boards ('ski boards') in the same direction.

Below it, a pallet with a wider space on both sides of the middle deck board - a 'special deck' model, it also has sawn corners and is stamped. The top deck board overhangs the stringer, making this a 'wing' pallet.

ISPM 15 stamped pallet. Note the deck board overhang; this is also a wing pallet.

On top, a lightweight pallet - sparse deck boards with custom spacing.

Below it, a long pallet with 5 stringer boards. This facilitates easy handling with short fork-lift truck forks and helps to strengthen the pallet.

On top: long blocks and ski boards strengthen the pallet and help prevent sagging when stacked with a heavy load. The pallet also has a planed wood deck.

Under it, a 1000x1200mm pallet with the two outside deck boards nailed together to strengthen its edges.