P. Virtanen Woodwork


Founded in 1965, Puutyöliike P. Virtanen Ky is a family business specialising in the manufacture of freight pallets and associated products. The Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) has granted us permission to label our heat treated products according to the ISPM 15 standard. We also offer a complete transport, warehousing and inventory service.

Our extensive, modern production facility enables a large number of our processes to be automated, maximising the output of our small, effective workforce. We have a number of different, easily adjusted production lines for the manufacture of pallets, pallet lids etc. Indeed, it is this adaptability and flexibility that gives us our competitive edge. Almost all our pallets are machine nailed on hydraulic production lines, ensuring a strong and durable pallet. A quick response time is guaranteed thanks to our many production lines, one of which can always be quickly adjusted to the requirements of a new, urgent order - regardless of order size. Our production facility is completed by a large range of other machines, including industrial saws, a planer, a milling machine etc. As a pallet manufacturer, we don't even want to be the biggest - for us, it is enough to be the best!


We don't have 'standard' pallets or other products, we only have customer-tailored products. Pallets of the same size can be made for heavy or light use, using heat treated or untreated wood, to each customer's specific requirements. Each customer gets the right pallet at the right price. This method of operation has carried us for over 40 years and resulted in a strong customer base, many of whom have trusted us to supply their needs for decades.

Our prompt order fulfilment is ensured by our own vehicles and a network of reliable transport contractors.


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